Wir entwickeln für Sie, als Privatkunde oder Firmenkunde, ihr neues Softwareprogramm, Programm Erweiterungen, APP für mobile Geräte und optimieren bestehende Software um den Quellcode zu verbessern, Sicherheit zu gewärleisten oder an moderne Betriebssysteme anzupassen.

Wir RundIT bestehen aus Softwareentwicklern und IT Admin's. Unser täglich BROT ist es , Programme bzw. Syntax in Zusammanarbeit mit IT Admins zu entwickeln.

Programming Languages​

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Csharp, Python, PowerShell Scripts, Visual-Basic 6,, Visual Basic Scripts, Unix Shell (sh/bash) Scripts, TCL, Perl, Java.

Entwickler Tools

Git, kallithea, Visual Studio, Jenkins und TFS.

Frameworks & Libraries

Jquery, MooTools, Django, Zend, Bootstrap,, Laravel, Codeigniter, Joomla,.. etc.

Your corporate structure in terms of IT and security whistles from the last hole? Modernization is on the back burner and manual processes must be automated? - Perfect, don't hire the wrong service provider and let yourself be enchanted by empty promises. Our pool of employees and partners is educated, trained and certified to meet the needs of any form of programming and service for the best possible all-round service and security.​

We want to make our customers' work easier and make work processes more efficient. Before we start a project, we want to get to know you and your requirements down to the smallest detail. So that you are satisfied in the end, we will be there for you 100% right from the start and advise you to work out different solutions together.​

We offer programming of web applications as well as desktop applications, interface programming, scripts, data migration and many other individual software solutions. Since individual software is usually a lot more expensive than standard software, we analyze the needs together in advance. Afterwards, we research for ready-made standard software, which can possibly cover your needs in whole or in part. In a joint discussion, we can then find out whether the existing software can be used, expanded or whether a completely individual solution is suitable for you.